ESPN, in collaboration with the Undefeated, the NBA and ABC continue to utilize the NBA Finals stage to promote Black-owned businesses and foster sustainable community impact. Together, we take action to support black-owned businesses and area hardest hit during the pandemic, that represented more than 40% of pandemic-induced business closures.

The Lonely Entrepreneur Learning Community – a one-stop-shop platform that provides entrepreneurs with the knowledge, tools, and ongoing support they need. This is part of TLE’s Black Entrepreneur Initiative (BEI), which seeks to empower 100,000 current and aspiring Black entrepreneurs across the country.

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About the Black Entrepreneur Initiative

Founded by a multi-racial coalition of community and business leaders, the Black Entrepreneur Initiative is a nationwide program dedicated to offering 100,000 Black entrepreneurs’ access to foundational business-skill-building tools and resources delivered through The Lonely Entrepreneur Learning Community. The Black Entrepreneur Initiative is provided through the generous donations of corporate, philanthropic and community partners and is administered through the Lonely Entrepreneur’s non-profit. For more, please visit

About The Lonely Entrepreneur 501(c)(3)

The Lonely Entrepreneur seeks to unlock the potential of 1 million entrepreneurs worldwide. The Lonely Entrepreneur empowers entrepreneurs and provides corporate, non-profit, social responsibility and community efforts to provide individuals the opportunity to acquire entrepreneurial skills and have a better chance of bringing their visions to life. For more, please visit