The Lonely Entrepreneur was born from founder Michael Dermer’s harrowing experience in the 2008 financial crisis. Michael watched the business he built for 10 years to over 500 employees – the first company in the US to reward for healthy behavior – nearly get destroyed in 10 days by the financial crisis of 2008. He not only survived but went on to sell his company and become an industry pioneer.

From that harrowing experience, Michael knew what most entrepreneurs feel:

Being an entrepreneur is not a job – it is an identity.

But after selling his healthcare company, Michael recognized a harsh reality – that there were many current and aspiring entrepreneurs who had passion, grit and great ideas but were not turning that passion into success.

His next journey became clear. If you could wake up and do anything, what better way to wake up every day than to spend your days helping people turn their passion into success and lead more fulfilling lives.

The Lonely Entrepreneur was born.

Now Michael and The Lonely Entrepreneur team are committed to helping entrepreneurs turn their passion into success.