Entrepreneurial skills are no longer  “nice to have.”  They are essential to individuals realizing their potential, overcoming systemic challenges and leading a more fulfilling life.

What better way to empower the individuals you care about than with skills they need to realize their potential.  Thank you for your support.

Your dollars allow us to provide entrepreneurs with free access to the Learning Community to help them on their journey. For each $250 you donate, we can provide the Learning Community to an entrepreneur for a full year.

The Learning Community gives entrepreneurs multiple ways to get the answers they need including:

  • Knowledge: 500 learning modules on business and personal issues entrepreneurs face
  • Tools: 100s of templates (e.g., legal agreements) and reviews of vendors (e.g., CRM)
  • Ongoing Support: online group coaching and the ability to get questions answered by the TLE team
  • Community: interact with a global community of fellow entrepreneurs
  • 150+ Funding Sources: exposure to funding opportunities
  • 50+ Vendor Vetting and Deals: vetted vendors and deals (including some free services)
  • 200+ Procurement Opportunities: opportunities to offer services to larger companies

The Learning Community is a sidekick for an entrepreneur at every step of their journey and is available 24/7. Instead of searching all over for answers, entrepreneurs now have one place to go for answers.


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